In our research programs we have revealed preclinical proof-of-principle for both immune stimulation and tolerance induction. Results of our projects clearly show that glycan modification of tumor-antigens (as peptide or protein fragments) significantly boosts ANTI-TUMOR RESPONSES (up to 100-fold!). These studies include in-vitro  human studies and in-vivo studies in murine tumor model systems.

In other projects we obtained strong evidence that certain glycans are involved in TOLERANCE INDUCTION. When targeting dendritic cells with glycan-antigen, suppressing effects on T cell responses in-vitro and in-vivo were generated. Both  induction of antigen specific regulatory T-cells (Treg) induction as well as inhibition of effector T-cell generation was obtained, even under inflammatory conditions.

DC4U explores the efficacy of several glycan modified long peptide antigens, alone and in combination, and in combination with adjuvants and checkpoint inhibitors. Besides, specific constructs and formulations have been developed (liposomes, dendrimers, polypeptide constructs) to create multivalency, further improving the immunomodulating potential of the antigens.