Antigen based immunotherapeutics aim to rehabilitate the immune system and prepare the human body to concur disease. Key factor in this biological process is the immune response via dendritic cells (DCs) that either turn on the immune response or actively dampen unwanted immune inflammation. Current antigen based therapies however still lack an effective response which is potent, antigen specific and durable, and can also rely on a favorable safety profile. Therefore, there is a clear need for improvements in this therapeutic class.  

GlycoDCTM dendritic cell targeting technology

The core of DC4U’s proprietary GlycoDCTM technology is glycation of antigens to which we direct the immune response. Glycans are complex carbohydrate structures that form recognition elements for glycan-specific receptors that, upon recognition, mediate cellular communication. The immuno-therapeutics that can be developed using the GlycoDCTM technology, are exceptional because they are potent, specific, durable, tailor-made and applicable to any type of antigen or vehicle.

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