DC4U BV (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a life science company founded in 2006. Our core expertise is the immunologic application of glycobiology. The company utilizes its proprietary GlycoDCTM technology to effectively modulate the human immune response by either boosting or suppressing the immune system.

This glycan based technology was developed by the Dendritic Cell Immunobiology Unit at VU Medical Centre Amsterdam, headed by Prof. Dr. Yvette van Kooyk. DC4U uses the scientific infrastructure of the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology at VU Medical Centre and is part of Drug Discovery Factory B.V. (DDF). DDF transforms leading academic research into successful business propositions.
DC4U has a strong management team that combines scientific and medical expertise with financial, commercial, regulatory, IP and licensing expertise. A variable and flexible number of technicians and scientist operate in DC4U’s R&D programs, depending on the actual workload of these R&D programs. In addition, a number of dedicated consultants and subcontractors are working on a regular base for the company. DC4U is able to develop its technology and products by collaborating with specialized partners, outsourcing non-core expertise activities.